ARROW Pro-Racing Slip-on Exhaust System 2011-2014 Kawasaki ZX10R

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ARROW Pro-Racing Slip-on Exhaust System 2011-2014 Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R

  • * Pro-Racing silencer approved following European directive 97/24/EC, ch.9
  • * Pro-Racing silencer are make by stainless steel with carbon fiber end cap
  • * Included dbKiller

Trumpet-style silencer got an incredile success and customers started asking to fit those silencers also on bigger bikes (the bigger the bike, the higher the noise). So Arrow started thinking to increase the inner volume of the Pro-Race silencer: a Pro-Racing line was born. Pro-Racing silencers design (final section diameter increased to 106mm) helped us making the innr volume big enough. Moreover, the design is more flexible (different layouts are available, with a single cone or two cone-shaped sections welded together), thus allowing the guys in the R&D to develop an exhaust which fits almost prefectly to the bike's design. As it happens with the Pro-Race silencers, the silencer is fixed to the frame via welded fixing points. Pro-Racing silencers are made in stainless steel and welded with TIG technology. A street legal version of these silencers is available and, in some cases, a choice between a carbon endcap and a stainless steel endcap is available.

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