GIVI V35NA Monokey Side Cases - 34 Litters/Case (Pairs)



GIVI V35NA Monokey Side Cases - 34 Litters/Case (Pairs)

The innovative V35 Monokey Side series were enabled to reduce the overall side encumbrance, the new inclined support and the new profile of the bottom shell enable a higher adherence to the fairing of the motorcycle, thus considerably improving the aerodynamic aspect. A pair of side cases ideal for mid/long range trips and able to satisfy the most demanding motorcyclists needs.

Weight capacity: 22 lbs per sidecase.

Dimensions: 20.7"W x 12.4"D x 15.5"H (526 x 316 x 394mm)

For use only with Givi PLX sidecarriers or SW-MOTECH Contour sidecarriers; not for use with Givi Monokey, standard SW-MOTECH sidecarriers.

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