Two Brothers VALE M2 Black Series Full Exhaust System for '11-'13 Honda CBR250R

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Two Brothers V.A.L.E.M2 Black Series Full Exhaust System for 2011-2013 Honda CBR250R

Honda CBR250R V.A.L.E.™ Full Exhaust Systems: We went to work on developing the most dynamic and intricate aftermarket full system available for the CBR250R with one goal in mind; to make the most impressive and highest quality CBR250R system out there.

Unleash the performance from your new CBR250R that has been held back by the stock exhaust system. Significant power gains can be expected from our slip-on exhaust systems. You will experience both torque and horsepower increases over the stock exhaust system throughout the rev range.

By reducing the weight and improving the horsepower and torque, our full systems for the new CBR250 is exactly what you need to unlock all that your new bike has to offer.

Note: This system comes supplied with a PowerTip pre-installed!

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