Woodcraft Frame Sliders '17-'19 Kawasaki Z900

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Woodcraft Frame Sliders '17-'19 Kawasaki Z900

Woodcraft frame sliders stand out in a market crowded with look-alike options. Our special new pucks have tapered edges - giving the protection you need while making the puck much more likely to slide over an obstacle as opposed to catch on it. We really like this new design! As with all our slider kits we have maintained our patented 2-piece slider design, making these the most durable sliders on the market. Because we do not have to hollow out the center of the puck, we can leave the sliding surface of the puck solid. This provides 48% more plastic to slide on, dramatically improving puck life. The side mount also eliminates the hassle of trying to dig out a puck replacement bolt through a distorted hole.

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