Evotech Performance Motorcycle USP Charger

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Evotech Performance Motorcycle USP Charger

The Evotech Performance Motorcycle USB Charger is a device designed to provide power to electronic devices through a USB interface.

  1. Extended Reach: The 2.2-meter cable provides an extended reach, allowing users to conveniently install and mount the USB charger in various locations on their motorcycles. This flexibility ensures that the charger can be positioned optimally for accessibility while riding or parked.

  2. Direct Connection to Battery or Ignition Switch: The direct connection to the motorcycle battery or ignition switch ensures a stable and reliable power source for the USB charger. This direct wiring method allows the charger to draw power directly from the motorcycle's electrical system, ensuring a consistent and reliable power supply for charging devices.

  3. Convenient Installation: The included cable simplifies the installation process, providing users with a ready-to-use solution for powering their USB devices. The length of the cable offers flexibility in choosing the installation location, and the direct connection to the motorcycle's power system eliminates the need for additional adapters or power sources.

  4. Weather-Resistant Design: Given the intended use on motorcycles, the cable is likely designed to be weather-resistant, protecting it from the elements and ensuring durability in various riding conditions.

  5. Optimized for Motorcycle Use: The inclusion of a cable for direct connection to the motorcycle battery or ignition switch underscores the charger's suitability for motorcycle applications. It reflects a design that takes into consideration the unique power requirements and installation challenges associated with motorcycles.

In summary, the 2.2-meter cable with a direct connection to the motorcycle battery or ignition switch enhances the usability and convenience of the Evotech Performance Motorcycle USB Charger, making it well-suited for motorcycle enthusiasts who want to charge their devices while on the go.

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