TST Industries Signal Plug Converter 3-to-3 for Yamaha

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TST Industries Signal Plug Converter 3-to-3 for Yamaha

Already own or looking to purchase TST turn signals that use a male bullet connector but don’t know how to manually wire them in? Instead of cutting wires or splicing things on your bike, these Yamaha Signal Plug Converters give you the ease of a plug and play installation. They incorporate the Yamaha 3-pin connector on one end with a female bullet connector on the other. Simply plug your applicable turn signal into this harness adapter and then mate that setup to your Yamaha’s OEM connector. Wiring job done.


  • Turns aftermarket signals into a "plug and play" installation.
  • Female bullet connector on one end, Yamaha 3 pin signal connector on other ends.
  • Commonly used with our Front Flushmount Turn Signals and our Rear LED Pod Signal Kit.
  • Can be used with other aftermarket turn signals as long as they use a compatible male bullet connector.
  • Measures 10.25 inches in length.
  • Female bullet connector has a 3.5mm diameter.
Note: Our converters come with three wires, however, if your signals only utilize two, simply leave the extra unattached.

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