Hepco & Becker Complete Rack '10-'13 Kawasaki Z900/1000 A in Chrome

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Hepco & Becker650.218 00 02

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Hepco & Becker Complete Rack '10-'13 Kawasaki Z900/1000 A in Chrome

The Complete Rack is a combined side carrier and rear rack that accepts any hard side case or top case from Hepco & Becker. The design of the complete rack gets its overall strength from being installed as a unit to the strong points of the bike’s frame. For this reason, it cannot be separated to use individually as a rear or side rack. Every Complete Rack is custom designed for each individual model of bike and will only work on the model it is specified for. These racks are made of high quality steel tubing finished in black, silver or chrome. All racks are relatively easy to install and come with the required hardware and installation instructions.Actual complete rack may vary slightly from the one pictured.

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