ASV F3 Unbreakable Brake & Clutch Levers '22- Yamaha YZF-R7, '22- MT-10

ASV InventionsBRF353+CRF340

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ASV F3 Unbreakable Brake & Clutch Levers '22- Yamaha YZF-R7, '22- MT-10

Specifications & Features

• Unbreakable lever with pivot design

• Adjustable reach with 4 inches of range

• Micro-indexing dial reach adjuster with 180 increments

• Forged aluminum

• Precision-sealed bearings in pivot

• 3-year unconditional crash damage guarantee

• Made in USA


Standard — same as stock lever

Shorty — 1 1/4" shorter than stock lever


Black with red dial adjuster

Blue with black dial adjuster

Gold with black dial adjuster

Red with black dial adjuster

Silver with black dial adjuster

The reach adjust dial color is available upon request, if you want a different color please contact us.

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