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Bursig Center-Lift Stand (Adapter Plate Included)

The Bursig Center Lift Stand is a 100% German-made, frame-lift paddock stand that is designed to lift your bike up vertically and allow you to maneuver it around the garage or paddock area. Have a tight space in your garage? Not a problem - the Bursig stand can lift the bike and turn it on a dime allowing you to position your bike in almost any space that would normally take a 50-point turn to get into.

The Bursig Stand makes maneuvering your bike a piece of cake! In addition to its maneuverability, Bursig Stands make oil changes, wheel removals, chain cleaning, engine work and nearly any type of service easier - as long as it does not require removing the frame.

Lifetime factory warranty.

Note: The Ducati 899/959/1199/1299 Panigale models are another special case. They do not require a frame insert to be installed, but they do require a small section of the lower fairing to be trimmed

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