CNC Racing Glossy Carbon Brake Lever Guard (Adapter Required)

CNC RacingPL150KB

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CNC Racing Glossy Carbon Brake Lever Guard (Adapter Required)

BRAKE-GUARD CARBON RACE the new carbon fiber lever protection system designed for road and track bikes. Developed in collaboration with the best Moto GP and Superbike teams, it is an innovative and practical product that combines safety without neglecting the expression of design and production quality. The protection prevents contact of the brake lever with obstacles that could cause disastrous falls.
The design of the Brake-Guard Carbon Race protection is the result of in-depth aerodynamic studies. The protection is not compatible with any factory handguards, therefore it is necessary to remove them before installing the Brake-Guard

Notice : for mounting the Brake-Guard is mandatory the use of an adapter. See the bike's list before purchasing an universal or definite adapter.

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