Custom LED Blaster-X Control Switch for Blaster-X Tail Lights


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Custom LED Blaster-X Control Switch for Blaster-X Tail Lights

This switch will allow you to conveniently control the strobe mode operation of the tail light (intense strobe cycle, like hazards on steroids), and to program advanced features of the tail light. General Blaster-X Tail Light Programming instructions are available here. Check the instructions for your specific Blaster-X tail light for exact features.

This switch is not necessary for standard integrated tail light operation.

Each Blaster-X Control Switch comes with a 24" long gray wire to connect to the tail light gray wire (control/program wire), and a 16" long black wire with ring connector for ground connection at battery or anywhere on frame.

  • * Works with all Blaster-X Tail Lights to control strobe mode and programming features.
  • * Comes with 24" long 22AWG gray wire soldered to switch.
  • * Comes with 16" long 22AWG black wire with ring terminal for ground connection.
  • * Sold as each.

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