Flash Tune ECU-Based Auto-Blipper Kit for '15-'21 Kawasaki H2

Flash Tune ECU15H2_BLIP_KIT_J

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Flash Tune ECU-Based Auto-Blipper Kit for '15-'21 Kawasaki H2

With this kit and your flashed ECU you can downshift smoother than would otherwise be possible without pulling the clutch!
The latest generation of H2 models are capable of producing smooth fast clutch-less downshifting!
After four years of development we are proud to release the best auto-blipper available.
This system provides positive feeling clutch-less downshifting that rivals even the OEM’s like BMW and Ducati

Note: Red/Yellow is PULL signal, Blue/Green is PUSH signal

This kit requires:
– ECU Flashing Kit and licensed ECU or the purchase of a mail-in ECU flashing service

– The H2, unlike the 16 zx10, does require replacement sensors for clutch-less downshifting.

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