Hepco & Becker Xtravel C-Bow Side Bags (Pair)

Hepco & Becker640.632 00 01

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Hepco & Becker Xtravel C-Bow Side Bags (Pair)

The Xtravel C-Bow bags are the smaller side luggage option from Hepco & Becker. The Xtravel line can be described as soft yet durable luggage designed for everybody; from the everyday commuter to the end-of-the-world traveler!

These bags mount to any Hepco & Becker C-Bow carrier by slipping onto the C shaped mount and lock in place with a single key. The discrete mounts and small bag size make this combination the idea choice for those who want side luggage without all the bulk. I am sure we have all seen some bikes and immediately thought why not just buy a car? These bags are the opposite of those big, bulky, and even obnoxious luggage solutions we all detest. Instead, these bags have a slim yet practical design.

For the outside design there is a top grab handle for easy handling of the bag while on and off the bike. Each side has a MOLLE system as part of the structure which allows you to attach optional accessories. The front and back wall is made of abrasion-resistant tarpaulin that provides stability and facilitates cleaning. On top of this you have waterproof material for water beading to protect your belongings on the inside. This material is held tight thanks to an aluminum G clip that is pulled tight to keep the bag closed. This clip can be quickly undone to find a roll top closure for even more waterproof protection for your gear. You can see this bag was made with the best quality materials possible in order to last you a lifetime.

Verticle relocation brackets are available for when bags are too close to the exhaust on some models. It is available under part number 720.630 00 01.


    Weight is 6.6 lbs
  • Size is 25 liters per bag
  • Outside Measurements 12.2 x 14.6-17.7 x 6.3

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