IRC Quick Shifter w.Blip-Assist (GP Shift) 2021 Aprilia RS 660


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IRC Quick Shifter w.Blip-Assist (GP Shift) 2021 Aprilia RS 660

IRC Components Aprilia RS 660 Auto-Blip Quickshifter (Up & Down) with "Strain Gauge Sensor" allows for Full Throttle Clutchless Up & Down Shifting (Standard or GP Shift).

The IRC Components ELECTRONIC quick-shifter has a major advantage over other units in the market because it dynamically considers the RPM and Acceleration to modify the Cut Time ("T") and Pulses Power Progressively eliminating gear box shock which is helpful during cornering or braking to prevent upsetting the chassis.

Adjustable pre-load settings (via Two-Buttons on Unit) allow the rider to customize settings making shifts seamless including Cut Time ("T"), Minimum Downshift RPM ("RL"), Downshift Blip Time ("SL"), Upshift Pre-Load ("L"), Minimum RPM ("SR"), Downshift Timing ("TS"), Downshift Pre-Load ("LS"), Sensor Cut Direction ("CE").

Easy to install Plug & Play bike specific wiring harness and shift rod (M6-M6) included. Standalone System does not require an ECU Flash or Piggyback Fuel Management System and can be programmed for Standard or Reverse GP-Shift.

*Works on Tuono 660 motorcycles that have the quickshifter function activated in their ECU by the dealer.

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