Marchesini M7R Genesis Forged Aluminum Wheels Set


Marchesini M7R Genesis Forged Aluminum Wheels Set

By success on the track at the best feeling with the bike use on the road: the M7R Genesis is a 7-spoke wheel made ​​of performance and aggressive design. Marchesini result of extensive experience in the racing world, the Genesis is made ​​M7R using design methods, structural analysis and experimentation cutting edge. Use of a magnesium alloy used for aerospace applications, the forging multidirectional, the use of optimized molds on the final geometry of the wheel allow to obtain an extremely light material with characteristics exceptional mechanical. The weight of the set (the two wheels mounted) is only about 7.7 Kg Compared to the original wheels, of the major European and Japanese Brands, the M7R Genesis allows a weight reduction from 26% to 41%. With M7R Genesis, Marchesini sets a new limit, allowing a significant increase in acceleration, reduced stopping distances and faster cornering entries. performance in the service of beauty.

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