MRA Spoiler Windscreen '17-'20 Yamaha FZ-10 / MT-10

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MRA Spoiler Windscreen '17-'20 Yamaha FZ-10 / MT-10

The MRA motorcycle windshield for Yamaha FZ-10 and MT-10 spoiler screen bolts directly to the factory mounting points of the front fairing to improve coverage, aerodynamics and comfort. Specially modified Plexiglas is designed to follow the aggressive lines of the front end with a carefully flared top that redirects wind around the rider. This beautifully crafted screen features superior optical clarity with no optical focal points that melt bodywork in the sun. To increase safety and meet strict German road regulations the edges will break dull instead of sharp to reduce the risk of injury. This screen turns the cockpit of the FZ-10 or MT-10 into a friendlier place to spend the day. Available in clear, smoke gray or opaque black. Enhance your FZ-10 with the spoiler screen from the windshield experts at MRA!


  • Direct bolt-on to factory mounting points with no modifications
  • Improved wind protection & enhanced aerodynamics
  • Perfectly integrates with the nose of the FZ-10
  • Improves cockpit comfort at highway speeds
  • Specially modified Plexiglas to meet MRA's strict specifications
  • Superior optical clarity with zero optical focal points that cause sun exposure damage
  • Carefully developed in a wind tunnel to maximize performance
  • For safety broken edges are designed to break dull instead of sharp
  • Meets German National Road Traffic regulations for safety
  • Designed and engineered in Germany
  • Available in clear, smoke gray or opaque black
  • Dimensions: 12.5" H x 13.3" W
  • Simple & easy to install

What's in the box:

  • MRA spoiler screen for the Yamaha FZ-10
  • Mounting materials
  • Installation instructions

What is an Optical Focal Point?

An optical focal point is a beam of light that will converge onto a single point by the object it passes through (in this case, a windscreen other than an MRA) where it can easily focus enough energy to burn and damage bodywork or instrument cluster as the sun passes through or reflects off of the object. This is the same type of science that occurs when you take a magnifying glass outside on a sunny day to burn ants! MRA uses CAD technology and testing to ensure every screen is completely free of optical imperfections & focal points. Be careful when shopping for windscreens, read the fine print and disclaimers to make sure your motorcycle isn't at risk or simply go with the superior choice and install an MRA!

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