OZ Motobike GASS RS-A Aluminum 6 Spokes Front Wheel '15-'21 Yamaha R1/R1M, '17-'20 R6

OZ MotorbikeH3177YA35Z1G

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OZ Motobike GASS RS-A Aluminum 6 Spokes Front Wheel '15-'21 Yamaha R1/R1M, '17-'20 R6

The new GASS RS-A is the lightest street DOT forged aluminum wheel that OZ makes. Not only is it lighter than the Piega forged aluminum wheel, it is lighter on the outer rim where it makes the most difference.

As a weight comparison, on a 2015 Yamaha R1 with OEM "lightweight" magnesium wheels:
The OZ Piega, saves per set compared with the R1 OEM mag wheels: 1,3 kg
The OZ Gass RS-A, saves per set compared with 1 OEM mag wheels: 2,05 kg

FEM (finite element method) designed to minimize weight and increase strength and rigidity.

Reduced wheel weight decreases the moment of inertia which results in quicker acceleration and braking, lowers un-sprung weight and gyroscopic effect to provide quicker turn-in and more positive handling.

Specially treated billet aluminum alloy is bi-directionally forged, resulting in a more uniform and stronger metal structure.

Heat treating, shot peening and CNC finishing are done in house resulting in an extremely lightweight and rigid wheel.

Included parts: bearings, aluminum angled valve stems, axle spacers (as applicable)

Note: Double sided swingarm bikes require a rear sprocket specifically for OZ Motorbike Wheels such as AFAM Drive Systems or Driven Racing

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