RhinoMoto Gen 2 Barends Mirror Mounts '20- Kawasaki Z650/Ninja 650


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RhinoMoto Gen 2 Barends Mirror Mounts '20- Kawasaki Z650/Ninja 650

Some manufacturers make brackets that do not open all the way up, but instead have an almost completely circular opening with a slot. These brackets get pinched down when the bolts are tightened to clamp onto handlebars. Motogadget and Rizoma are two such manufacturers and we call this type of bracket a “closed style”. Unfortunately, these clamps will not work with our original designs because the outer diameter of the mounts is too large for the clamps to slide over to reach the slot. RhinoMoto has started releasing what we call our Gen 2 kits to work with these mirrors. The bodies are two pieces so that the mirror can slide onto the  smaller diameter section from the rear. A dress ring is included so that when assembled these kits look exactly like the original kits. The use of the dress ring is optional and the mounts are usable without them if desired.

All Gen 2 kits also work with open clamp mirrors. They are compatible with all of our spacers and adapters so that we can easily produce a Gen 2 version of any existing kit.

Kit includes 2 mirror mounts with stainless steel M6 bolts, 2 RhinoMoto logo stickers and installation instructions.

Kawasaki secures the stock bar ends with an aggressive thread locker (red LocTite). Heat must be applied to the bar ends to remove the stock parts. 

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