Rizoma 1 1/8 Inch Universal Handle Bar Risers

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Rizoma 1 1/8 Inch Universal Handle Bar Risers

These Rizoma adapters allow for the mounting of Rizoma Conical bars and replace your original risers. They mount the conical bars approximately 42mm/60mm from the base of the triple clamp and will fit most bikes where the lower part of the clamp is not part of the clamp itself. Will work with bikes that use M10 or M12 clamp mounting bolts*.

  • * AZ402B provides a rise of approximately 42mm
  • * AZ403B provides a rise of approximately 60mm

Screws included:

  • * AZ402B - 2x M10x60 + M10x80 + M12x70
  • * AZ403B - 2x M10x60 + M10x80 + M10x100 + M12x70

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