Sato Racing Frame Sliders '19-'20 Honda CBR650R/CB650R, '14-'18 CBR650F/CB650F

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Sato RacingH-650FS-BK

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Sato Racing Frame Sliders '19-'20 Honda CBR650R/CB650R, '14-'18 CBR650F/CB650F

SATO RACING Frame Sliders for 2014-18 Honda CBR650F / CB650F and 2019 CBR650R/ CB650R feature slider pucks made of high density DELRIN, a tough, abrasion-resistant plastic ideal for protecting the bike if you lay it down at speed on the track. The sliders will keep the fairings, engine case and other critical parts at the center of the bike from scraping the pavement, with the pucks absorbing the brunt of the scrape damage. Sliders are mounted to the frame and engine case with black anodized billet aluminum brackets and spacers, and stainless steel and chrome molybdenum bolts. (L/R Set of 2)

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