Scorpion RP-1 GP Slip-on Exhaust System for '13-'18 Kawasaki ZX6R 636



Scorpion RP-1 GP Slip-on Exhaust System for '13-'18 Kawasaki ZX6R 636

Our Flagship RP-1 GP system is currently our most potent exhaust; complete with a distinguished 'RED POWER' tip inlay. Completely hand crafted from featherlight aerospace titanium and carbon fibre. RP-1 GP has been developed to give tangible 'bolt-on' performance advantages, with strong power gains throughout the power curve and huge weight savings over O.E. The hand made 'works' finish and the unmistakable race bike soundtrack will confirm the performance potential of this system. Designed primarily for race/trackday use, this no-compromise race grade exhaust is incidentally road legal...

  • * Plug and play / Easy-fit cans
  • * Lifetime guarantee No remapping of electronics
  • * Damage the exhaust and get one at half MSRP
  • * No repacking of exhaust
  • * Complies with California Air Resources Board
  • * Available with carbon or titanium canister

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