TST Industries Elite-1 Adjustable Fender Eliminator '13-'18 BMW S1000RR

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TST Industries Elite-1 Adjustable Fender Eliminator '13-'18 BMW S1000RR

The BMW S1000RR is a superbike crafted from German engineering with extremely high-quality components. It's a gorgeous bike that every two-wheeled enthusiast can appreciate, but I think we can all agree that the stock fender isn't doing this amazing machine any favors. That's why we created an Elite-1 Adjustable Fender Eliminator. This kit is not only made from high quality, CNC machined components, but it offers you the ability to adjust the angle of your license plate. We didn't want to stop there, because after removing the stock fender, you're left with a rather unsightly undertail panel. That's where the included TST Undertail Closeout steps in. The closeout features a unique design in order to fit and fill the S1000RR undertail geometry and give your tail section a clean and finished look. Each component is crafted from CNC machined aluminum and features a durable black anodized finish. The slim and lightweight design of this Elite-1 Adjustable Fender Eliminator is perfect for any BMW that pulls double duty on the street and track.


  • Removes the bulky stock BMW fender
  • Adjustable design enables license plate angle customization
  • Includes black anodized CNC machined aluminum TST Undertail Closeout
  • License plate bracket is manufactured from CNC machined aluminum with a black anodized finish
  • Provides a sleek and modern look to the tail of your BMW S1000RR
  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Made in the USA

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