TST Industries Programmable Sequential LED Integrated Tail Light for '19- Honda Monkey

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TST Industries Programmable Sequential LED Integrated Tail Light for '19- Honda Monkey


  • TST exclusive design
  • Built-in turn signals
  • Comprised of 104 super-bright LEDs
    • 59 brake / running LEDs at 80% brightness during running light mode and switch to 100% brightness for brake mode
    • 15 dedicated brake LEDs combine with the 59 mentioned above to fill in previously unlit areas for maximum brightness
    • 30 dedicated signaling amber LEDs
  • Available in smoked or clear
  • Programmable Functions
    • Modify the functionality of your turn signals and brake light
    • 3 turn signal modes: standard, sequential, pulsar
    • 3 brake light modes: standard, strobe alert, pulsar
  • Plug and play wiring means no wire cutting, splicing, or soldering


Keep the focus on the retro design styling and not the 1990's pumpkin-style turn signals. Our all-in-one integrated tail light features built-in turn signals and a unique lens design that complements the Monkey styling. The interior of the tail light is engineered to provide an extremely bright and eye-catching unit with 9 combinations of programmable light patterns that you can cycle through with the push of a button. In an effort to ensure that you spend more time riding and less time splicing wires, we made sure to include plug-and-play wire connectors so that you can install your new tail light with ease. The 104 super-bright LEDs provide the extreme brightness that TST is known for and ensures that you are visible, day or night.

OPTIONAL REAR SIGNAL BLOCK-OFF: When removing the rear turn signals, you'll find that you're left with a hole in the side of the OEM tail light enclosure. TST created an optional Rear Signal Block-Off Kit specifically for this, and even offer the hardware in different colors to match your Honda Monkey! We don't automatically include this hardware due to some customers utilizing our Integrated Tail Light in conjunction with dedicated turn signals.

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