TST Industries Turn Signal Running Mate

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TST Industries Turn Signal Running Mate


  • Enables DRL running light and turn signal functionality on signal-only aftermarket turn signals (most two-plug aftermarket signals)
  • Running light functions at 80% brightness
  • Plug and play installation utilizing 3.5mm bullet style connectors
  • Improves safety and night visibility
  • Guaranteed to work with TST compatible turn signals
  • Sold as a pair

Detailed Description

Most aftermarket turn signals only feature turn signal functionality, meaning that they are either "off" or "on" with a single brightness output. This limitation eliminates the running light feature that your bike had from the factory, but with one simple installation, you can have both running light AND turn signal functionality from a two-plug style single-intensity turn signal. The TST Running Mate utilizes pulse width modulation to work with most DC current turn signals to create a lower output of light. Regaining your DRL running light means more visibility to those around you and some additional style points. The bullet-style connectors ensure a plug-and-play installation with most aftermarket turn signals so you don't need to cut, splice, or solder a thing. Simply plug this little guy in and the TST Running Mate takes care of the rest!

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