Woodcraft 55m 3 inch Clip-On Riser Assembly BMW R nine T, R1200GS/ADV, R1200R/R1200RS


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Woodcraft 55m 3 inch Clip-On Riser Assembly BMW R nine T, R1200GS/ADV, R1200R/R1200RS (check fitment chart)

Woodcraft 3-piece split clipon risers are specially designed to make installation and removal a snap. Our 3-piece design is race proven and makes it easy to service your clipons below the triple clamp without having to disassemble the entire front end. Special attention has also been taken to save weight wherever possible on these clamps. The bars themselves are available in both 12 and 13.5 inches lengths and are easily adjusted to whatever custom width you desire. Racers no longer have to worry about replacing an expensive complete clipon assembly after a crash because these risers use an inexpensive universal handlebar.  Having an adjustable bar angle that uses a standard bar is a difference that will make your riding experience better! 

These clipons have a 75mm rise over a conventional race clipon PLUS they have an adjustable bar angle between 2 and 12 degrees. The 75mm designation is not a rise over your stock clip-ons (since every stock clipon is different). This clipon will give you the ability to have a race style clipon assembly with the option to get the bars up higher for rider comfort. Different risers can be ordered in the future if you want a higher or lower setup. 

  • BMW R nine T 2014-2020
  • BMW R nine T Pure 2017-2020
  • BMW R nine T Racer 2017-2020
  • BMW R nine T Scrambler 2016-2020
  • BMW R nine T Urban G/S 2018-2020
  • BMW R1200GS 2010-2016
  • BMW R1200GS Adventure 2010-2018
  • BMW R1200R 2010-2018
  • BMW R1200R 2010-2018
  • BMW R1200RS 2015-2018
  • BMW R1200RT 2010-2018

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